Innerscapes – screenshot


Innerscapes is a series of audio-visual loops, capturing fleeting glimpses of internal states. Using smartphone footage, handmade processes, field recordings and electro-acoustic composition, it attempts to retain materiality, despite being screen-based. The loops come in and out of focus, describing inner experience as multi-faceted and hard to grasp.

It responds to conversations with Marco Bernini, who is leading a lab at the Institute of Medical Humanities at Durham University. His paper ‘Affording Innerscapes’ references Extended Mind theories, where inner experience is enactive (connected to the environment) and multisensory, alongside William James’s description of these experiences melting when captured, like snowflakes.

Innerscapes has been show at Sunderland Short Film Festival 2024 and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art 2024.


Innerscapes – projection of film in gallery


Below are a small sample of the individual films. Please watch with sound up.

Innerscapes 9

Innerscapes 3

Innerscapes 2