Phantasmic Projections – North East Emerging Artist Prize


As part of the North East Emerging Artist Prize 2022, 8 artists were selected to work with curator Matthew Jarratt and asked to respond to the National Trust property, Seaton Deleval Hall. The artists were asked to produce a model and a board illustrating the proposal. The 8 proposals were shown as part of an exhibition at Seaton Deleval Hall during June 2022. 

Proposal: Phantasmic Projections

The idea was inspired by the Delaval’s love of Theatre, specifically Baroque Theatre. This brought new innovations in audience immersion, using audio-visual tricks, e.g. wave and cloud machines. Magic Lanterns, alongside themes of ‘conceal and reveal’ and ‘illusion’ and were popular in entertainment at the time. In this spirit, visitors will project ghostly images, using their smartphone torches, onto draped screens. This interactive and immersive installation will be in the enclosed space of the tapestry room. It will reveal alternative histories of the house, exposing the labour behind the excess and grandeur, through the elemental phenomena that make up these histories: Sea, Coal, Salt, Glass, Fire and Dust. There will be an accompanying atmospheric soundtrack, using recordings of waves, fire and local voices.


Board for the exhibition.

from top right to bottom left: examples of past work, the tapestry room, research images of magic lanterns and baroque theatre, a model of my installation in use.

Model for exhibition – This had to be shown in a light room with the other models. If selected to would be shown in a dark room, Making the projections stronger.