Playing with time – Funded by Institute Of Physics

There’s no time like the present – detail through view finder

What is the present and is the flow of time an illusion? These mind-bending questions were the catalyst for this project. 

Funded by the Institute of Physics, the project coincided with their 2018 theme of ‘time’. The aim was to engage the public with complex ideas relating to the physics and philosophy of time, through an exhibition of playful and accessible artworks. 

Alice Highet worked alongside Dr Beth Bromley at The Physics Department, Durham University to explore how fundamental theories of physics such as relativity and thermodynamics, describe the nature of time and how this relates to our experience of lived time. 

The resulting exhibition was at the Oriental Museum, Durham University from 20th October – 11th November, exploring the physics themes outlined above. It encompassed 3 interactive, kinetic and optical sculptural objects, alongside 3 moving image works, made by Alice Highet. The exhibition was accompanied by a booklet and a website explaining both the art and the physics. 

You can learn about the meaning behind each of the sculptures, watch the moving image works and explore the full project here:

There’s no time like the present – kinetic/ optical sculpture 

When the dust settles – kinetic/ optical sculpture

When the dust settles – detail

Don’t cry over spilled milk – kinetic/ optical sculpture

Don’t cry over spilled milk – detail